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Thread: Photoshop and Illustrator brush tool

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    Photoshop and Illustrator brush tool

    This is a question about the differences between the paintbrushes in both Photoshop and in Illustrator. In illustrator when you use the paintbrush tool it kind of straightens it as it does in Flash when you use the smoothed brush. In Photoshop this is not the case. Is there anyway to get that "smoothing" part in the brush tool in photoshop for example in a plugin?

    Also, in Illustrator when you use the paint brush tool and the you want to draw a new line close to it , it doesnt allow you to start a new line. The only way i found to start a new line is to click the select tool and then select the paintbrush tool again. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn this off, to use the tool as it is used in Photoshop but still with the straightening?

    Thanks, ( I know it is a bit complicated but this is the only way i could think of to describe the problem )


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    do you mean smoothing as in vector? or as in solid? i m kinda lost on what your trying to say. i'll be glad to help if you can explain what you are trying to say.

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    Illustrator is vectors, so every line has a mathematical start and end, with a middle that can mathematically be "smoothed" Photoshop is pixels, so it simply deosn't care where you start or stop drawing.
    Using the brush in illustrator, I draw lines with my right hand while my left hand is hovering over the Command key (I'm on an Apple machine, it may be Control in Winders). Anyway, pressing Command temporarily turns the cursor to Select so I can click off the brush stroke without going to the tool palette, then I just draw the next stroke. If I make a big mistake, I press the A key to be able to mess with the points in the path. Or UdDo.

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    do you mean how the edges in photoshop are blurry?

    in flash or illustrator, the edges are sharp because they're defined points... the computer is drawing your lines based on maths stuff. you CAN make a blurry (smooth) line in illustrator, but it would involve filters most likely...

    i'm not sure if this is really what you mean, but hope it helps


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    he means-

    you draw a line with the paintbrush in Illustrator, and when you are done it auto-smooths it.

    it doesn't do that in Photoshop for the reasons Jimhere said

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    ok thanks boys !

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