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Thread: Online Game : Kings of Chaos

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    Online Game : Kings of Chaos

    Anyone heard of this. Someone sent me the link so I signed up.

    Anyone play this or know about it?

    Ps. If it's allowed click the link below and then click the right number based on the image. It gives me another soldier. Maybe Phil can take over the world this way with many Kirupa soldiers.

    COLOURlover |
    tw: @bubs

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    Kings of Chaos is the bane of the net! Banish it! Banish it now!

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    Ok Ok we'll banish it right after I take over the world.

    You can be my prince, or princess... depending on your mood.

    COLOURlover |
    tw: @bubs

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    Once you sign up, on your command center page is has your link at the bottom. Post it up here and build ye army to... and together we will plunder the worlds booty!

    COLOURlover |
    tw: @bubs

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    Ohhhh... I like booty!

    and that is all
    Last edited by nobody; September 23rd, 2003 at 06:02 PM.

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    weeee! I gave you your second soldier.

    Now we nned more Kirupians to give us more soldeirs to wage this war to conquer the booty!

    COLOURlover |
    tw: @bubs

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    Can't get enough booty.

    Nothing more.
    Last edited by nobody; September 23rd, 2003 at 06:02 PM.

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    See what I mean?

    EDIT: *runs in fear of teh marauding armies*

    It becomes the bane of places where one can post (namely forums), with countless people spamming their links and/or trying to trick people into clicking

    The Jolt Forums: block any hyperlinks containing the url and ban anyone that posts them

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    Fine assphalt, I'll remove my link and go cry in the corner.

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    Mwuahahaha! Now I am well on the way to taking over the world! Mwuahaahaha!

    edit: the use of 'assphalt' is reserved for rev only - who removed the censoring for that word? i bet it was Rev, jsut so he can call me assphalt

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    Originally posted by xxviii
    /me high-fives 28's face

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    /me cries because no one loves me.

    you owe me mister.

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    awww, I'm sorry! poor babeh let asphalt give you some lovin'

    /me humps 28

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