I have tried to create a dropdown combo box in Flash Action Script AS 3.0. But I am facing too much issues. I am new to AS 3 . Please help me out

There are 3 movie clips in the design, If we provide fixed values, it will be well and good

council.comboDrop.option1.optionText.text = "123";
council.comboDrop.option2.optionText.text = "456";
council.comboDrop.option3.optionText.text = "789";
council.comboDrop.option4.optionText.text = "000";

i want to dynamically list the council codes. I done the following method

function LoadCouncilList(regionList:XML,count:int,regionNam e:String):void

var i:int=0;
var optionName:String;

var mcCouncil : MovieClip = council;
var mcComboDrop : MovieClip=council.comboDrop;
var mcOption : MovieClip;
var txtOptionText : TextField;

var councilAttributes:XMLList = regionList.region[count].council.attributes();

for each (var councilcode:XML in councilAttributes)
mcCouncil.mcComboDrop.mcOption.txtOptionText.text = councilcode;

Its loading displaying the text "Option" only
Please tell me where I went wrong

Thanks in Advance