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Thread: [WPF/Silverlight] Animation Engine like Tweener

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    [WPF/Silverlight] Animation Engine like Tweener

    I just wanted to announce the release of an Open Source animation engine for WPF and Silverlight which mimics Tweener's syntax. If youíre coming from the Flash realm to Silverlight ( work or play ) Artefact Animator can help the transition.

    Itís still a little fresh and will be in constant flux for a bit, but itís a great prototyping tool.

    The syntax is pretty straight forward:
    ArtefactAnimator.AddEase(element, Canvas.LeftProperty, 250, .7, AnimationTransitions.CubicEaseOut, 0);
    And unlike most animation engines for WPF and Silverlight (currently), you can ease multiple properties on an object.

    Application.Current.RootVisual.MouseLeftButtonDown += (s, args) =>
        // position info
        Point pt = args.GetPosition(null);
        // transition info
        double time = .8;
        double delay = 0;
        PercentHandler ease = AnimationTransitions.CubicEaseOut;
        // ease
               new object[] { AnimationTypes.X, AnimationTypes.Y },
               new object[] { pt.X, pt.Y },
               time, ease, delay);

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    Looks really cool

    Great, now even Kirupa is { facebooking | twittering }

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    Thanks! It's really just a start, so now it's onto "Release early and often".

    One of the next steps is integrating a custom ease editor I've built, inspired by I have a function wrapper for Flash too so you can pass the same custom equations to WPF & Silverlight as you will for your favorite Flash tweening engine.

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    Barcode New Examples + Code

    I've posted some new samples with code snippets using the Artefact Animator. Hopefully the simplicity + flexibility is apparent.

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