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Thread: Stupid Question

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    Stupid Question

    This may seem like a stupid question, but would it be TOTALLY unacceptable to use a few of the Kirupa "smileys" for my new personal site? I want to use them as bullets...
    I just gotta have the Kirupians opinions on this one!


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    i dont think this would be a problem... i think they are free for use, arent they???


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    i would PM or email kirupa about that.

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    Thanks for the feedback... I will ask THE MAN..
    Soulty.. Nice to hear from you where ya been M8?

    yea, they seem to be free for use

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    they are NOT free to use

    I own about 30 of them...
    site still under construction... going on 6 years now.

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    Do you own this one?

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    you can use any of mine (though none are in the k selection)

    you can see mine by clicking on the 6 eyed guy in my footer

    ... I think the big cute is offlimits because that ones mostly eilsoe's

    probably nothing you're looking for anyway

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    Thanks man! I really appreciate that!

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    Originally posted by jay-em
    Thanks for the feedback... I will ask THE MAN..
    Soulty.. Nice to hear from you where ya been M8?
    Just coming back from a major busy period, well still busy, you know how it is. Working with a company and doing some freelance stuff. Just recently found some free time , so you will see me on the forums a bit more.

    :: Feel free to use this one one of my additions to the kirupa list.

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    Thanks Soulty!
    Well, I am glad to here that business is good...

    If anyone else (other than eilsoe) will let me use their "smiley" for my site, it will be greatly appreciated.

    ****, that cube fit

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    make your own cube

    I mean, there is only so many ways to make a cube and so many pixels can only be copyrighted so far.

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    I think I have enough from the generous Kirupians...
    Thanks people...!

    I will post the site soon... All generous pixel artists will be listed on the site...

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