I'm very new to AS3 having just converted from AS2 which I knew at a basic level.

I'm attempting to use variables, received through xml sockets, to control movie clips and the main timeline.
I had a few things working, such as the height and width of a movie clip being changed by the variables but I want to also use the variable to simply trigger the creation and playing of movie clips in my library. For example, a "16" comes into flashVar4 and as a result, a movie clip called Circle plays on the stage.

Any help would be much appreciated.

With regards to the control of the main timeline, I currently have the following script...

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,colourSel,false ,0,true);
function colourSel (e:Event){

But despite changing the numbers which are being read into 'flashVar12', the main timeline remains on frame 1.

I'm not sure why that's not working though I wonder if it has something to do with the variable being updated? Do I need something that constantly tells the function to check the variable again?