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Thread: no scrollbar in HTML page help

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    no scrollbar in HTML page help

    hay there

    I'm very bad in HTML so consider that

    I want to run some HTML page in fullscreen mode, I manage that but still on right side there is vertical scrollbar.
    So I read that I need to put SCROLL="no" in BODY tag. I do that and still there it is ?!?

    What am I doing wrong ?? I just copy/paste SCROLL="no" in body tag and nothing happens...

    If someone can help me with HTML syntax I'll appreciate that



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    scroll="no" is correct. However it only works in IE

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    Don't know why but I can't paste HTML code here so I attached file.

    Please just put it on right place and send it back to me.

    I put it in BODY tag and I get only text in browser 'scroll="no"'. As I mentioned, I'm novice in HTML

    thanks in advance,


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    Ok, as a note, the majority of web viewers despise full screen windows so it is usually recommend that if you have a full screen you should also supply an option for normal window.

    As for removing the scrollbar. scroll="no" does only work in IE, but there is a CSS method that works in both IE and Netscape (which means it works in Mozilla and Firebird as well)

    You would need to add this code anywhere in between the <HEAD></HEAD> tags of your HTML document.

    PHP Code:
    <STYLE TYPE="text/css">
    body {overflowhidden};

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    nice one, that CSS way is cool

    if you just want to do the scroll=no format do this

    PHP Code:
    <body scroll="no"

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    tnx to all, it works

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    Thanks !!!

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