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Thread: addEvent function

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    addEvent function

    I've figured that I'm going to need two addEvent functions. One for the class to use internally and a public one for the coder addEvent($start_date, $end_date, $name)

    The way the class is setup now, it takes a multidimensional array to create the events inside the table, which is fine, but i would like to simplify it more using an addEvent function. when it adds an event, it adds a class to the table TD, and thats how they get a highlight color and contain the event's info. if the event lasts 2 hours then it needs to do that for 4 td's (each td is 30 minutes), so things get complicated.

    I was thinking about adding some absolute CSS positioning. so I would just add a <div class="event">event data</div> and resize it according to the duration of the event. the DIV would float over the table.

    You guys think this calls for trouble that may make things even more complicated or run into a lot of messed-up divs because of CSS browser issues?
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    mmm I'll probably go for a pure CSS calendar, it will also make it easier to implement the _html function and not output HTML from the clasS
    "You are playing a very dangerous game"
    "Change always is"

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