Hi all, I've searched the forums and have found a few threads, buuuut, they're not exactly what I need.

Basically, I've been through the Kirupa
Flash-based Email Form Using PHP, and it works fine, however, I'd like to add two new fields to the form, naming them with variables, 'phone' and 'email'.

How do I update the email.php file? Everything I try, doesn't work.

I may be (most probably) wrong, but I'm thinking here is where I make the changes:

// now we can add the content of the message to a body variable

$message = $_POST["message"];

// once the variables have been defined, they can be included
// in the mail function call which will send you an email
mail($sendTo, $subject, $message, $headers);
Any ideas/help would be GREAT.

(Wasn't sure if this went in the Flash OR php forum - sorry)