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Thread: wordpress, is it capable of this?

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    wordpress, is it capable of this?

    sorry, couldnt find a better place to post this..
    i usually work with AS3 and Flash, but since this next project is not gonna use AS3 or Flash, its kind of scaring me...

    ok.. so i have a potential client who wants to make an "online magazine" type of website..
    they want a website similar to this:

    automatically, im thinking "WORDPRESS"... can this be achieved with wordpress (or something similar)?
    cause its either i find an already-prewritten program like that or im gonna have to program the whole site myself.

    1.) the writers should be able to easily write articles and publish them (through logging in or something) without having to consult with me everytime they want to change something (as far as the articles go) in their site..

    2.) there has to be a "search" function

    3.) the site is an "online magazine" site.. NOT a "blog" site.. i know wordpress is great for bloggers but i need the site to LOOK like a real site, NOT a blog site... and be able to have different tabs which link to different parts / sections (music, art, fashion, lifestyle, etc).. is wordpress capable of this?

    so yeah, can wordpress be customized to look like a "real site" like the one above?

    the design is no problem really.. it's just the functionalities (like the ones i mentioned above) that im scared of.. i mostly work with AS3 and Flash, i know basic HTML and CSS, ive done a little PHP... but this upcoming project is kind of scaring me since it might require some knowledge in database programming (for the search function, and writers logging-in / publishing new articles)...

    so yeah, any help on how i should go about this would be great...
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    1. yes, use wordpress multiuser
    2. yes, it's one of the staples of wordpress
    3. yes, the only reason you think blog is cause a lot of the people who use it think that it's only for blogging, or that's all they need it for, but it can be stretched w/ it's current system or extended easily
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