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Thread: General php page question

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    General php page question

    I am new to php. I want to know why php page has extensions like "?", "ID=X"? For example: ""

    Is it some kind of database link?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    its called a GET variable, for instance.

    The first page "form1.php" has a link to the above address

    What that means is that in "form2.php" the value of 10 is equivalent to the global variable:


    Get it?

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    Hmm.. what's global variable? How do you come up with the value?

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    I would start looking up the different types of variables available to you in PHP This is a good start

    As for as the value lets use Kirupa's forums as an example shall we. is the link to your user page is the link to MY user page

    notice the similarity? the only difference is the variable $_GET['u'] which is our user number in the database.
    The user page takes this Get variable and uses it against the database to retrieve the information from the user with that user number.

    This allows you to make 1 webpage that will look to the user like multiple webpages. In other words Kirupa only had to build 1 user page. But that page changes depending on which user we are getting info from.

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    biznuge: "that doesn't grammatical sense..."

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