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Thread: Plugin Problem

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    Plugin Problem

    First time post, and of course it is a help question.

    I am using a WP plug-in to display previous and next games in a season. (Leaguemanager is the plug-in name - Link ). The challenge I am having is that the previous game only displays the first game of the season, not the actual previous game...

    The following code is pulled from the shortcode.php file in the lib folder of the plugin.

    Here is the code for the next game which works...

    $next_matches = $leaguemanager->getMatches("( `home_team` = {$team->id} OR
    `away_team` = {$team->id} ) AND DATEDIFF(NOW(), `date`) <= 0");
    $next_match = $next_matches[0];
    Here is the code for the previous game that pulls the first game of the
    season, not the actual previous game.

    $prev_matches = $leaguemanager->getMatches("( `home_team` = {$team->id} OR
    `away_team` = {$team->id} ) AND DATEDIFF(NOW(), `date`) > 0");
    $prev_match = $prev_matches[0];
    It's probably something really simple, but I have been hacking away at this for about 8 hours and I cannot get it to work. On a side note if you swap the "0" for a "1" in this line $prev_match = $prev_matches[0]; it will show the second game of the season.

    Thanks for any help!

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    PHP Code:
    $prev_matches $leaguemanager->getMatches("( `home_team` = {$team->id} OR
    `away_team` = 
    {$team->id} ) AND DATEDIFF(NOW(), `date`) > 0  ORDER BY `date` DESC");
    $prev_match $prev_matches[0]; 
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    Thanks for the input, I tried that and here is the PHP error I received:

    [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ORDER BY `date` ASC' at line 1]
    SELECT `group`, `home_team`, `away_team`, DATE_FORMAT(`date`, '%Y-%m-%d %H:%i') AS date, DATE_FORMAT(`date`, '%e') AS day, DATE_FORMAT(`date`, '%c') AS month, DATE_FORMAT(`date`, '%Y') AS year, DATE_FORMAT(`date`, '%H') AS `hour`, DATE_FORMAT(`date`, '%i') AS `minutes`, `match_day`, `location`, `league_id`, `home_points`, `away_points`, `winner_id`, `loser_id`, `post_id`, `season`, `id`, `custom` FROM wp_leaguemanager_matches WHERE ( `home_team` = 1 OR `away_team` = 1 ) AND DATEDIFF(NOW(), `date`) > 0 ORDER BY `date` DESC ORDER BY `date` ASC

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    I got some more advice and this seems to do the trick..
    $prev_match = end($prev_matches);

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