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Thread: Not sure how to word this request...

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    Borderline computer nerd.

    Afrostyle Not sure how to word this request...

    Ok, I have an issue that I am really not sure how to describe. I know exactly what I need to happen but am unsure how to search for it.

    I designed and built a back end web admin section for my site which manages subscribers and all of their information. An extremely key part to this section is the ability to allow and block users based on their status and if they have paid, etc.

    Our hardware vendor has a really nice web-based dashboard which controls all functions of the network including the ability to whitelist or blacklist a user by MAC address (00:12:54:d2:13:1a).

    Currently after a user signs up and pays for service, we manually go to the web-based dashboard and enter their information and MAC address which allows them access. The web-based dashboard is simply a PHP/MYSQL/JAVA/XML system, but doesn't allow access to the mysql for external modification.

    I am looking for a solution where our backend system would receive the information and send it to the web-based dashboard to update the database. The section where you enter the MAC address is an HTML listbox component. What I would like to do is each time an entry is made, copy what is in the listbox, make the appropriate change then re compile the listbox and submit it from our site to the web-based dashboard.

    This way, whenever a user's status changes from active to cancelled or renewal they are added or removed from the system without the additional step.

    Is there a way this can be accomplished?

    Thanks, I really appreciate any help as this has been an 18 month long issue.

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    Borderline computer nerd.


    Is there anyone that is willing to take a stab at this?

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