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Thread: Good Parts of Communism?

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    Good Parts of Communism?

    i've been looking for good parts of communism for a school project, but cant find any. all i find is anti-communist sites... is there anything good about communism?

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    I'm a commie.

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    i found this... but it's not much help
    at some parts i wanted to rip my monitor apart because these people's ideas are so WRON-- misguided...
    i couldnt find them say anything really good, all they did was defend themselves, but they didn't really do that good of a job...

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    I Survived Abortion
    Well, I did live in China for the beginning years of my life, so, I have a pretty good idea on whats going on over there.

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    it's good in theory.

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    I Survived Abortion
    From what I been through, life isn't much different. The government isn't strict at all, for all I know, life was the same there as it was here. The only difference would be if you're an adult in the government stuff, I think thats the only problem.

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    Your best bet is to read the early works of the Communist revolution esspecially Marx. Back then it was an ideal not a regime. The even steven feel Communism is supposed to have was merely corrupted to the point where it did more harm than good.

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    In the strictest theoretic model -> Yes

    ..all for one ... one for all ...

    (read: commune / co-op)

    ...but in practice, most people will allways strive to be *king of the hill* and therefore it becomes a virtual impossibility

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    yeah, but the fact that people are lazy by nature makes it all screwed up, plus, it doesn't even sound good in theory, the only people it would be good for are the people who are REALLY poor, and hardly make or dont make enough money to support themselves. for the majority of people, they are giving up the stuff they worked hard for.

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    I Survived Abortion
    Commies aren't lazy if they're commies. You will NOT survive in China if you're lazy, there is no social security, or any other crap that'll help you. If you're lazy, you're on the streets to be slapped at.

    Balance in the society is good in a sense. No one is too rich in the end, and then no one is really that poor either.

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    what do you mean?
    in my understanding, doctors make the same amount as french friers, what is the incentive to be a doctor and work A LOT harder for the same amount of money?
    plus doesn't everything belong to the community, thus communal food? and housing?

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    I Survived Abortion
    Yes, communal mostly, but you get used to it and it has its benefits. In China, doctors do make the same amount of money as french friers, but they would not be living in the same neighborhood.

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    Lazy and / or powerGreedy both screw the idea all up ... rendering the whole thing an unachievable fantasy

    but the theory basically states that all work equally and all share equally so therefore no-one gets more or less than anyone

    It doesn't necessarily assume the transition from one system or another, but outlines the end result wherein all share equally

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    why not? isn't that what communism is? how could they afford to be in a better neighborhood? oh... wait... the government picks where they live?

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    Communism? Or SOCIALISM? Cause if you're looking for things about Russia, you won't find anything on COMMUNISM ... cause Russia (USSR) was socialist.

    Communism is basically no government authority at all. People each do their own thing for the good of the group. If a guy doesn't work the plumbing, there's no water. In turn, someone else will do their job in order to help out the plumber.

    You should try looking at BOOKS! OH dear Lord, I said it! YES! Books are really good for stuff like this! The Internet is not as great for research as some think it is...

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