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Thread: Need a tip -SQL query with googlemaps link

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    Need a tip -SQL query with googlemaps link


    I have an mySQL query to insert a google map link into a database. The problem is that because the URL have one ' (I don't know how to say the symbol name in english, sorry) the mySQL in PHPmyAdmin is giving me an error.

    I have here a short example of mine sqlquery:

    INSERT INTO `postos` ( `id` , `nome` , `contactos` , `morada` , `codigo` , `link` , `localidade` , `distrito` ) VALUES (NULL , 'd/'alia', 'd/'alia', 'd/'alia', 'd/'alia', 'd/'alia', 'd/'alia', 'd/'alia')

    please pay atention to d/'alia. I've tried with d'alia and it give the same error. How can I pass this symbol through?

    Thanks '''''

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    If it was in MS SQL I would suggest you to replace single quotas with '' double quotes
    Perhaps you can try something like
    INSERT INTO postos (
    `id` , `nome` , `contactos` , `morada` , `codigo` , `link` , `localidade` , `distrito`
    ) VALUES (
    NULL , 'd''alia', 'd''alia', 'd''alia', 'd''alia', 'd''alia', 'd''alia', 'd''alia'

    or you can set the d'alia to a sql variable then use that variable within the insert statement

    I hope this helps
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    if you're running this code through a php page, just add slashes to the variables before adding them to the database query
    $foo = "d'alia";
    $foo2 = addslashes($foo);
    INSERT INTO `postos` ( `id` , `nome` , `contactos` , `morada` , `codigo` , `link` , `localidade` , `distrito` ) VALUES (NULL , '$foo2', '$foo2', '$foo2', '$foo2', '$foo2', '$foo2', '$foo2');

    If you are running it through phpmyadmin, use the forward slash instead of the backslash:

    'd/'alia' Becomes:

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