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Thread: Sending Shopping Cart Info To An Email

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    Sending Shopping Cart Info To An Email

    I have a shopping cart that allows you to update edit and remove items however it does not allow you to send the data. I want a button that says "Submit Your Order" and an email is sent with the order info, but I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

    here is the "" files.

    PHP Code:
    function writeShoppingCart() {
    $cart $_SESSION['cart'];
        if (!
    $cart) {
    '<p>You have no items in your shopping cart</p>';
        } else {
    // Parse the cart session variable
    $items explode(',',$cart);
    $s = (count($items) > 1) ? 's':'';
    '<p>You have <a href="cart.php">'.count($items).' item'.$s.' in your shopping cart</a></p>';

    showCart() {
    $cart $_SESSION['cart'];
        if (
    $cart) {
    $items explode(',',$cart);
    $contents = array();
            foreach (
    $items as $item) {
    $contents[$item] = (isset($contents[$item])) ? $contents[$item] + 1;
    $output[] = '<form action="cart.php?action=update" method="post" id="cart">';
    $output[] = '<table width=700>';
            foreach (
    $contents as $id=>$qty) {
    $sql 'SELECT * FROM menu WHERE id = '.$id;
    $result $db->query($sql);
    $row $result->fetch();
    $output[] = '<tr>';
    $output[] = '<td width=60><a href="cart.php?action=delete&id='.$id.'" class="r">Remove</a></td>';
    $output[] = '<td width="30"> Date: '.$row['date'].'</td>';
    $output[] = '<td><b>Item:</b><br>'.$item.'<br><b>Description:</b><br>'.$description.'</td>';
    $output[] = '<td>$'.$price.'</td>';
    $output[] = '<td><input type="text" name="qty'.$id.'" value="'.$qty.'" size="3" maxlength="3" /></td>';
    $output[] = '<td>$'.($price $qty).'</td>';
    $total += $price $qty;
    $output[] = '</tr>';
    $output[] = '</table>';
    $output[] = '<p>Grand total: <strong>$'.$total.'</strong></p>';
    $output[] = '<div><button type="submit">Update cart</button></div>';
    $output[] = '</form>';
        } else {
    $output[] = '<p>You shopping cart is empty.</p>';

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    Just use the mail() PHP function to send the email. You already have the body of the email from writeShoppingCart() function

    sample code:
    PHP Form to email

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