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Thread: Send to one email address or another

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    Send to one email address or another

    Been playing around with an email contact form with PHP so that the user can select which place they want their enquiry to go to, depending on which radio box they check.

    It seems to send to the second address, but not the first.

    "sendto" is the name of the radio boxes.

    I think I have it working through using 'switch', however I want to know why this way didn't work.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

        $sendto = $_POST['sendto'];
        $subject = "Enquiry";
        $name = $_POST['name'];
        $phone = $_POST['phone'];
        $email = $_POST['email'];
        $message = $_POST['message'];
        if($sento == "value1") {
        $to = "";
        $body = "Name: $name\nPhone: $phone\nEmail: $email\nMessage: $message\n";
        echo "Thank you. Your enquiry has been submitted to location 1.";
        mail($to, $subject, $body);
        elseif($sendto == "value2") {
        $to = "";
        $body = "Name: $name\nPhone: $phone\nEmail: $email\nMessage: $message\n";
        echo "Thank you. Your enquiry has been submitted to location 2.";
        mail($to, $subject, $body);
        echo "An error has occured. Please try again later.";

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    if($sento == "value1") {
    should be
    if($sendto == "value1") {


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    Ah ha!

    Hahahaha, I knew it'd be something silly like that. I read over it a heap of times too, and just missed it. >_<


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