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Thread: Email form limiting submissions?

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    Email form limiting submissions?

    I'm trying to create an email form that requires an email address, but only allows a given email address to be sent once per calendar day. If this is too hard, does anyone know of an email service that would block additional email from an email address sent more then once per day?

    Thank you!

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    Create a MySQL database with the following tables:

    emails: emailId (auto-increment primary key), address
    sent: emailId, time

    Whenever a mail is being sent do this query (assuming you have a simple database class already):

    PHP Code:
    $db = new DB();

    $q 'SELECT emailId FROM emails WHERE address = ' $addressGuyEntered;
    $q $db->query($q);

    if (
    mysql_num_rows($q) == 0) {
    $q 'INSERT INTO emails(address) VALUES('$addressGuyEntered ')';
    $q $db->query($q);
    $emailId mysql_insert_id();
    else {
    $q mysql_fetch_array($q)
    $emailId $q['emailId'];

    $q 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM sent WHERE emailId = "' $emailId 
    '" AND time > ' . (60 60 24);
    $q $db->query($q);
    $q mysql_fetch_array($q);

    if (
    $q['COUNT(*)'] >= 1) {
    'you have reached the limit of 1 email per day';
    else {
    mail($addressGuyEntered'my subject''my message');
    $q 'INSERT INTO sent(emailId, time) VALUES("' 
    $emailId '", "' time() . '")';
    $q $db->query($q);

    'email has been sent';

    I did not test for syntax errors.

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    Thank you. I will try this out!

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