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Thread: Bug when closing Internet Explorer 7 tab

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    Bug when closing Internet Explorer 7 tab


    I've found a strange bug in Internet Explorer 7 (haven't tried IE6 or IE8, might be the same problem there).
    I've searched everywhere and all I have found is a post about the exact same problem:

    You can read about the problem above, but in short:

    1. start a couple of loaders (for example to load images)
    2. close the tab while loading the images
    3. now you can't go to that page again (not even a different page with the same swf)

    I have tried to use stopandunload on all loaders and to remove the swf object. Both solution works, but only if I wait a couple of seconds. But those solutions won't work because the user should be able to close the window and then open it.
    Dont work with swfobject either.


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