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Thread: creating a random equation

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    creating a random equation

    im having a bit of difficulty on this one...

    how would you go about creating a random equation? i would like to randomly generate two individual numbers, a random operator (out of +, -, *, /) between these numbers and then the user would input a number to answer the equation... any thoughts on this?

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    Use Math.random to select a number. Pick an element from the operator array containing ["+", "-", "*", "/"].
    Again Math.random for getting the first and second numbers within a range.
    Use a string conditional check for the operator selected and perform the necessary calculations to check the result.

    Hope that helps.

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    thanks for that, umm i have been able to create random number and also random operators from an array, but i think i may have confused myself... how would you go about performing the calculations?

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        case "+":
        case "-":
        case "*":
        case "/":

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    ^ if you don't need the operator string (i.e. "+") for anything else, you an actually skip the operator in the array middleman and do excogitator's switch directly with the random numbers

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