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Thread: change font color in XML without CDATA

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    change font color in XML without CDATA

    I know that you can format text in XML through CDATA and htmlText option in flash.. my question is if one can format the content of an attribute in the same way.. i.e:

    If I have the following line in my XML file:
    <main Name="Hello World" Link="home.swf"/>

    is it possible to format the "Hello World" text? Can I for example put the CDATA option in the content of the "Name" -tag like so:

    <main Name="<![CDATA[<font color="#00FFFF">Hello World</font>]]" Link="home.swf"/>

    I've heard that one can do like this though:
    <main Name="&lt;font color='#0F0F0F'&gt;Hello World&lt;/font&gt;" Link="home.swf"/>

    But no success.. my question is if it's even possible, and if so how?

    Thank you in advance!

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    you have your code in the Name attribute. You want it as a separate node
    <main> ---- in here ---- </main>

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    Exactly. So it's not possible to format the content in the attribute?

    Quote Originally Posted by senocular View Post
    you have your code in the Name attribute. You want it as a separate node
    <main> ---- in here ---- </main>

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    Ah, I read this time and yes, that is what you asked for
    What you posted using &lt; and &gt; is correct.

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    Hehe cool! But still when I load the xml I see:

    <font color="#00FFFF">Hello World</font>

    it doesn't seem like it reads it as html... I tried adding the htmlText attribut to the textfield in flash without any success.

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    how are you accessing it?

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    I load the XML file and access the attribute value like this:

    this.bttn.text_mc.texttween_mc.bttnName.htmlText = xmlNode.childNodes[1].childNodes[i].attributes.Name;

    This is set in a for-loop to access several nodes.

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    hmm. I'm not sure what's going on. I did a quick test and it seems to work for me
    var xml:XML = new XML('<main Name="&lt;font color=\'#00FFFF\'&gt;Hello World&lt;/font&gt;" Link="home.swf"/>');
    createTextField("output", 1, 0, 0, 100, 100);
    output.htmlText = xml.firstChild.attributes.Name;

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    I started messing around and found the problem.. of course with your previous input as a guide In addition to the code I simply selected the textfield and chose "render as html text" in the menu and it worked.

    Thank you very much for your assistance!

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