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Thread: Firefox blocking URLRequest

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    Firefox blocking URLRequest

    I've created a client that communicates with a server via XML-RPC through a network using the URLRequest object to contact the server.

    When activating the client through flashplayer, explorer or chrome, the xml-rpc messages are sent. When using firefox, for some reason these xml messages are blocked, and are not seen on the server.

    What's causing firefox to block xml messages to a remote server and how can I make it work???


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    Are you using NoScript or anything similar?

    Also, someone earlier posted a problem with firefox, and it turns out that they had problems when using absolute paths (example:, but worked just fine when using relative paths (/2009/08/tip-tweening-functions.html) or vice versa.

    Do you have the SWF uploaded onto that server, or is it working locally, but accessing another server?

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    The client works both from a server and a locally. I use an absolute path to my xmlrpc server (, how can this URL be inputted relativly??

    What's NoScript (Probably not using it...)?

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    I mean, do you upload the SWF to your website, and then run it from there, or do you use "Publish Preview > HTML (Default)" or have the SWF file on your computer, and run it from there?

    If your SWF file is uploaded to and run from then you can load the relative path "new URLRequest("/services/xmlrpc");

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    The SWF file must be able to run locally and from the website. So I activate the SWF in both the ways that you descibed. If I browse to the website with firefox or active the local SWF with firefox (right-click-->open with), it doesn't work. All the others (IE, chrome, flash player) work fine.

    Maybe it's a security issue that firefox deals with...?

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    I guess you might be checking this thread coz I replied to the other one.

    You should check out if flash sandbox issue could be the problem. Try setting all the files on a same server for testing or you might need to create a policy file to allow different servers from accessing content. If the issue is only with Firefox and not other browsers check the flash player version installed.

    Hope that helps.

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    I have the latest version of the flash player (10). The problem occurs only in firefox, so I don't think that it's a flash sandbox issue. Furthermore, I already have a policy file on the root of the server.

    I don't know why firefox is blocking this simple xmlrpc communication. help!

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    are you setting the URLRequest method? - can you post your URLRequest code object?

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    My URLRequest is from an opensource XML-RPC class for actionscript:
    I don't exactly know what setting the URLRequest means... If it's not included in the upcoming code, please tell me what you meant.

    FYI: getUrl() - Returns the XML-RPC server's URL string where I use an absolute path.

         private function _call( method:String ):void
                if ( !this.getUrl() ){
                    throw Error(ERROR_NO_URL);
                else {        
                    this.debug( "Call -> " + method+"() -> " + this.getUrl());
                    this._method.setName( method );
                    var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest();
                    request.contentType = 'text/xml';
           = this._method.getXml();
                    request.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;
                    request.url = this.getUrl();

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    I haven't used XMLRPC (could you provide a link to somewhere) but could you try doing a basic URLRequest() using the same code to see if the error is specific to XMLRPC, or if it affects all URL Requests.

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