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Thread: Photography based CMS...

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    Photography based CMS...

    Hi there,

    I design a lot of Photography websites using flash and am looking for a simple CMS solution to update images and edit text pages. Most of the CMS's out there seem overly complicated and full of many features that I just don't need, does anyone know of any php based CMS that would meet the following requirements:

    1. Need to be able to edit txt files.
    2. Need to be able to upload multiple image files at once.
    3. Image needs to be re-sized on upload to a specific either height or width (depending on the site).
    4. Need to be able to create a thumbnail from the image by grabbing a selection / cropping new image (again to a specific size depending on the site).
    5. Need to be able to change the image order of the images online without re-uploading everything, so they would be re-named as 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg etc
    6. I would need to be able to update the CMS depending on each site, so some sites might need thumbnails, some would not, some might need more/less text pages etc.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated.


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    looks better in lowercase
    I seem to remember somebody on ##flash recently saying that is a good CMS for this, but I can't honestly say that I have ever used it. They have a public demo that you can play about in it with.
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