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Thread: best way for background to increase in size?

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    best way for background to increase in size?

    How do they have it so that when more content is added the content bg increases vertically?

    I guess using the tables bgcolor is the best way.

    Maybe you guys have any recommendations?

    Eventually i want something that extends along with a tiling dropshadow behind it if possible.

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    if you want it to increase vertically you usually would make a LONG background image that tiles vertically. (if your not using a solid color if its a solid color then it will expand automatically if you set the Div, or tables background color)

    Say you want that nift drop shadow along the side. Its an image i would go around 2000 pixels wide of the color you want under the drop shadow. Then centered in that is the tiled "BG" with the shadow on the side of it (also tileable vertically) It doesn't need to be that tall.. depending on the type of bg only about 5 - 10 pixels high. Ive done backgrounds like this at only 2px tall.

    hope this helps

    i tend to get a bit wordy >.<

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    err im trying to implement what you've told me using tables and css, but im not getting the results i want.

    for some reason if i use css to align a table inside my main table, the main table will not tile the bg. if i leave everything at 0 and start adding more content the bg extends.

    there has to be an all css solution to this?

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    ugh, it is extending but only at the position where the css divs are supposed to be... i guess i have to use all tables.

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    The way i was suggesting was to put it as the webpages bg image and just design it properly so that it looks like a container.

    and designing with tables is bad. Table layout is a no no.. i remember when i used to do that. Trust me it's more hassle than its worth. I would use all div's.

    Twitter / The Human Conditions

    biznuge: "that doesn't grammatical sense..."

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    ok isee what you mean. But i guess i didnt give you the whole situation.

    the site is contained in a 768x500 container that is centered. when that content passes that 500px in height i want it to extend. So it's not just a white bg column going from the top of the page to the bottom. In fact i still want space between the top and the bottom of the browser.

    I need to go grab a css book

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