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Thread: How to I make an XML policy file?

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    XML policy file nonsense?

    How do I make an XML policy file and what action script will I need?
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    XML policy files are (mostly) only for situations where you're loading textual data (or other media you want to access raw data for) from a domain other than the one from which your SWF is being hosted.

    If, for example, you have a SWF on and want to load, say, an XML feed from, then a cross domain policy file would need to be placed on by me indicating that I allow that data to be loaded and used by you. If you happen to have control of the domain you're loading data from, then you can define the policy file yourself, but it's not something you would create "with" the SWF. It's something for other domains to allow SWFs on other domains to download and use their data.

    As for the file itself, it's just a text file with a .xml extension with the format described in the page you linked.

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