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Thread: JAVASCRIPT onClick, which button was clicked?

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    JAVASCRIPT onClick, which button was clicked?

    I have something like this:
    HTML Code:
    <tr><td>Local</td><td id="localTime"></td><td><input type="button" value="Get Time" onClick="getServerTime()" /></td></tr>
    <tr><td>New York</td><td id="newyorkTime"></td><td><input type="button" value="Get Time" onClick="getServerTime()" /></td></tr>
    <tr><td>Tokyo</td><td id="tokyoTime"></td><td><input type="button" value="Get Time" onClick="getServerTime()" /></td></tr>
    All of those buttons have an onClick="getServerTime()"

    But how do I find out WHICH BUTTON was clicked? Is there a variable? a method?
    All of the buttons call getServerTime, but I need to know which button was clicked.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This might be the easiest solution.
    instead of
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    You can pass in this into your functions and that will represent the button being clicked. But I'm going to have to go with Temp for the appropriate approach to your problem.

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    also ...
    is the proper, non-1990s way, to write it. not
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    the 1990's - good times

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    function getServerTime(obj) {


    document.onclick = function(e) {
    var target = (window.event) ? event.srcElement :;
    if ( target == document.getElementById("somebutton1") ) {
    // more code for button 1
    } else if ( target == document.getElementById("somebutton2") ) {
    // more code for button 2
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