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Thread: Multiple page doc in Illustrator CS3?!

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    Multiple page doc in Illustrator CS3?!

    How do you create one of these in Ill. CS3? I know it has something to do with page tiling, but I can't figure it out. Ridiculous. It really shouldn't have to be this difficult Adobe. File > Document Setup > No. of Pages would probably be the best route, but oooh no.

    Any help on this would be very appreciated. Thanks.


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    I don't believe you do.

    InDesign is the more layout-oriented program, which is probably what "they" would suggest to you, and while I think that it would be very handy to have pages in illustrator, i don't think you can.

    In the past I have used different layers for "pages" and then gone through hiding them and exporting pdfs of each and recompiling them. It's kinda fiddly but not unmanagable once you get into it (i was doing 30page documents, so not huge but not insignificant either).

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    born in the 20th century
    You'd have to get CS4 which has multiple artboards (pages). Pretty easy to figure out once you get started...

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    You can do it in cs3... but there is a trick to it.

    You have to compensate your original document as if they were two pages together...

    Step 1: So if you want a two page document to show up, you would have to set your document to 17x11"

    Step 2: Go to File > Print. Once in there, select setup from the list of options. Once in setup, chang the drop down box labeled SINGLE FULL PAGE to TILE FULL PAGES then click done.

    Step 3: Go back to your document, then go to View > Show Page Tiling

    There ya go.

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