Hi Forum

I would like to use multiple library items, created in the Flash IDE, with the same baseclass in Flex Builder3. In my case it would be a timeline containing 4 strips. Each strip has the same movieClip instances, but with slight variations created by the designer.

My Process:

1) create multiple strip movieClips in flash each with a uniquely designed background, header and title and call their instances: bodyBg, headerBg, headerTxt.

2) in the properties window for each Strip use the Class names: Strip0, Strip1, Strip2... and for all of the use the same baseclass: Strip.as

3) create the Strip.as class (see below)

4) export the flash file under Publish Settings > flash > export .swc file

5) link the Flex Builder actionscript project to the .swc file

6) start using the Strip0 class: strip0 = new Strip0();

The Problem:

- Flex does not recognize the manually created movieClips inside Strip0, Strip1, Strip2, Strip3.
- Flex does not throw an error, it just silently ignores the line where I try to set the bodyBg.alpha to 0
- No compile, and no runtime error... ?

Interesting observation:

- Flex does recognize the bodyBg, headerBg, and headerTxt movieClips if I simply use flash.display.MovieClip as the baseclass...

Any ideas what is wrong with my thought process? it's driving me a little mad... any leads or thoughts would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


Library Items

- Strip0
Class: Strip0
Base Class: Strip.as
Contains MovieClips with instance names: headerBg, bodyBg, headertxt

- Strip1 (same as Strip0)


tlStrip0 = new Strip0();
tlStrip1 = new Strip1();
tlStrip2 = new Strip2();
tlStrip3 = new Strip3();

tlStrip0.setup(0,tlStrip0.bodyBg); //>> bodyBg movieClip is not being recognized by Flex?

strips = new Sprite();


Strip.as class

private var id:int = 0;

private var bodyBgMC:Sprite;

public function TimelineStrip():void

public function setup(_id:int,_bodyBg:Sprite):void
this.id = _id;
this.bodyBgMC = _bodyBg;
this.bodyBgMC.alpha = 0; // >> this won't work???