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Thread: Vote for your Favorite Entry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by idark View Post
    Half dog gets my vote
    just terrible at understanding actionscript
    coming soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    Well, shame on you too then for choosing the entries that seemed the most deserving to you after having accepted the job as a judge to do just that!

    Just because you're a judge doesn't mean that you're above reproach. Obviously it's your job to select the what you believe is the best......... But when it's obvious you have 0 idea then you should be told, especially when you're a judge.

    I was horrified by some of the selections and I wanted to tell the judges (or more specifically Templarian) that he sucks as a judge. Deal with it.

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    Adam's Avatar
    RIP Adam14 Dec03 - Aug08
    How do you know which ones Templarian selected? And yes I am above Reproach. He's the Italian fella who sublets my basement.

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    Congratz JUNASIKPARK, TheBruce and GrandMasterFlash
    All worthy creations
    VALVe is God and Source is the world he created!

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    the judges are stupid, the art sucks, wtf...

    no just playin', compared to other art shows i would say they judges were pretty fair.
    i enter art shows quite often and have seen crap placed above what i think is pure win.

    but like thejuggler says "art is subjective"

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    oh, and congratz to the winners!
    and everyone how got in for that matter

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    Congratulations everyone
    My new hero: Chrysippus
    "Chrysippus is said to have died in a fit of laughter- having given wine to his donkey, he died of laughter after seeing it attempt to eat figs."
    What a legend!

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    No official announcement of the winners?
    VALVe is God and Source is the world he created!

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    My guess is that Kirupa has been busy lately… or something like that. Official enough, your post is, perhaps.

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    An official announcement was made a few days ago on the home page actually! Here it is:

    Great, now even Kirupa is { facebooking | twittering }

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    For me:
    For SandeR2:

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    omg how the hell could i miss that big title in the top-middle of the page..
    Although this topic wasn't really officially closed
    VALVe is God and Source is the world he created!

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    The poll was closed, though, which is the important part. I don't think that the contest poll threads are ever closed.

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    Cool illustrations! Kudos!

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