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Thread: Searching a table technique

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    Searching a table technique


    I have an SQL database with a table that has about 20 columns and about 30 rows.

    I need to perform a search on the whole table based on the values from one row: I need to find what other rows have similar values with the row that I base my search on. The similarities can vary from 1 column to all 20 columns.

    I am not very experienced with SQL, I only know the some basic things and I need help in writing the code to perform the search (PHP).

    Please help.

    Thank you.

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    If you are using MySQL, you have to use something called "full-text" search. Your table must be converted to the InnoDB engine (I think) before using the MATCH and AGAINST functions.

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    SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE field1 LIKE '%keyword%'; it's very easy query. try to understand fulltext after you learned this query

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