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Thread: Large Background Images?

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    Large Background Images?

    Is there a certain way to include a large background image on a web page?

    Here is an example:

    This site has a large photo for a background but it is a non-repeating image. I guess my questions are:

    What format would be best to retain quality but ensure small file size?

    What size should the image be so that it will fill the entire browser for most people?

    Any other tips?

    Thank you!

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    There is no specific image size that will fit for most people, there's no such thing. So you need to make it as big as you feel is necessary. The file type should also be whatever file type is the smallest, while maintaining a quality which is acceptable to you. Generally that tends to be a JPG or a PNG. This guy is using two background images, the stars which does repeat on the <html> and then the "content" background which is used on the <body> which again ... is whatever size he deemed acceptable.
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    Thanks! That makes sense. It's kinda what I was thinking but I didn't know if I had missed something somewhere. I always try to keep file sizes down so I wasn't sure if there was some way to include a large image and not effect file size much.

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    Also to add on, you might want to make sure that the ends of the image don't just stop. And then make the background color the same as those edges so the image flows into the background. This will please those people with ridiculously high resolutions.

    As for file type and size, I generally would go with a jpeg that is anywhere from 60-80 quality. This, of course, depends a lot on the detail of the image. But, just play around with the settings until you like it.

    Oh, also, don't forget to center the image.

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