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Thread: Before you post an error number thread;

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    Before you post an error number thread;

    Go into your fla settings, check the box called "allow debugging".


    This time around you'll get the actual row number of the faulty code. Much easier for you to troubleshoot, not to mention the people trying to help here.

    Oh, uncheck it before you publish anything online since it has a few security related issues.

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    Noo doot aboot it, eh?
    Also look for your error code in the LiveDocs; they explain a lot of them in detail.

    Compiler Errors
    Compiler Warnings
    Run-Time Errors

    Senocular has some good information, as usual:
    Flash Player Runtime Errors and How to Fix Them
    Flash Player Compiler Errors and How to Fix Them
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    Maybe getTimer() or TweenMax is the answer to your problem . . .

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    You can also use shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Enter

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    That helped!

    Thank you!! Didn't know about the debugging option - knowing the line number certainly helps!

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    I can strongly recommend the good Mr Curtis Morley
    He explains a lot of the most common errors in details.

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    can I just say...

    is there a cool way to check whats wrong (without 10s oh hrs of testing random things + forum), when:

    1. compiler says "total 2-9 errors reported", lists none... and while you start de-attaching your classes one by one (with no reference to them available at all), the error count raises... till everything's detached and it tells you "9 errors reported"?
    - this fix caused me ~10hrz

    2. if the row-number chooses a random row (usually empty or commented out one), and if you delete this or any other row, it just chooses random new one... (usually empty or commented out one) ?

    3. the compiler sort-of ignores the mistakes, you might make with instancenames... is there an actual cool way to check if it has ! problems with ... u know, stuff in da .fla file... or is it a class?

    anyone willing to meditate on those f10 issues (plz don't move to compiler forum, it's usually lame!!!), i can give a reward (which is dnx, if you don't live in the same town)

    PS: oh yeah 1 more:

    4. what's with the library item's attaching? you know if you try to do pretty much whatever with those "custom classes", the compiler disagrees all the time with non-sence explanations???
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    The built in debuffer for Flash is awesome, the amount of times its saved me work. I mean compared to other scripting languages where the debugging as harder due to lack of feedback.

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    Maybe people never find the line number because it's cut off by default. I just reinstalled CS4, and noticed this:

    Maybe it's the different in CS3 or CS5… but I'm not about to reinstall to find out.

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    omg wtf...there is a "allow debugging" option! Oh, how i have called flash lots of nasty names! Sorry flash, my mistake, until now nobody had ever told me!

    .....all the hours, all the frustrating days I've wasted just trying to find the problem!

    Thanks, so so much!

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