Hello there!
Seeing as I have to learn Java for my computer science course, I decided to get ahead as a whole lecture on if()else() functions with the title "Advanced programming" seemed a bit too easy for my liking. After all I too out a student loan to learn =/ *Sorry I will stop moaning now!!*
Anyway I am learning Swing for a program I have made, a simple library program in fact, And i want the data to be presented in a table. Now i have just figured how to use a custom table model with the AbstractTableModel and wanted to know how versitile it is.

What I want to do is to include a function somewhere that will resize all of the coloums of the JTable. I have a 90% idea on how to write this function but i dont know where to put it.
Ideally i would like to put it in the table model, but then it becomes how do i run the method through my table object .

If you have any ideas or suggestions on what I could do it would be a great help!!