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Thread: (C++) 2D Double Dragon Style Engine Help.

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    (C++) 2D Double Dragon Style Engine Help.

    Hi kirupaforum, My name is Rob. I'm looking into game development with C++ as a career. And before i set my mind to a College of Game Design I'd like to make a game to see if i like programming as much as i did back in high school. This will also be nice for me to put it on a resume as a programmer.

    Heres some things I'd like to accomplish first as a base engine.

    ~2D Style
    ~Double Dragon Style Game
    ~Combo moves
    ~Single Character with enemy(s)
    ~Score counter

    ..things later.....much later...

    ~ Four Characters // Each Character has different abilities able to level up and unlock new moves
    ~ 5 to 6 different enemy types

    My high school taught us a bunch of stuff ( Visual Basic to C++ to Html to Java) I know basic and semi-advance C++ But, i haven't coded anything in little less than 2 years. im a bit rusty but im willing to re-learn if i need too.
    Anyone know of Game engines that can do this ? Or would it be better if i wrote my own ?

    If anyone has help please help me lol.

    ( This might be a stretch but would it also be possible to port this to a console like a ps2 or psp ?)
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    May I suggest that you first spend a bit of time getting up to speed with your chosen language? Graphics and game development, particularly with C++, is not easy. It takes a great deal of work and a lot of skill to write a quality game.

    With all due respect, high schools do a TERRIBLE job of teaching people how to write code. So I say again, spend some time learning your language. Ignore graphics, and start with basic console applciations while focussing on algorithms, data structures and various other areas to get yourself to a high level of experience.

    At that poiint, pick out a game project and give it a spin. Perhaps even in text mode before you try graphics.

    You need to have strong math, physics and software design/programming skills to write something like Double Dragon.

    As far as porting goes, anything is possible. But if you plan on making your game run on different platforms, then your code needs to be EVEN BETTER.

    Keep your expectations real, but aim high. Be prepared for a lot of hard work.

    Good luck!

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