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Thread: CSS page with portfolio on right?

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    CSS page with portfolio on right?

    Hi, I want to create a similar layout where my navigation is on the left and portfolio is on the right but if you scroll through the portfolio, the nav on the right remains in the same spot. Here is an example:

    I only know basic CSS, is there an easy tutorial I can follow to create a similar page?


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    Look into position:fixed.
    This STILL doesn't work in IE (leave it to Microsoft), but works perfectly in every other browser available. It basically sets the div (or what-have-you) to stay in the same position on-screen while everything else scrolls.

    If you're concerned about IE, you can do 1 of 2 things to cater to these inferior-software-users: Either look into frames, or look into a javascript to change it's top property onScroll of the page. Both are ugly, but that's Microsoft for you.

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