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Thread: upload and convert file using ffmpeg problem

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    upload and convert file using ffmpeg problem

    Hello. i have a problem with php script who convert .mpeg uploaded file in .flv . i think the
    code is good but somehow he dont work on my machine. pls help


    #$connection = mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_password) or die ('wtf ?! mysqconn failed');
    #mysql_select_db($db_name, $connection);

    function converttoflv( $in, $out )
    # unlink( $out );
    $cmd = "ffmpeg -v 0 -i $in -ar 11025 $out 2>&1";
    $fh = popen( $cmd, "r" );
    while( fgets( $fh ) ) { }
    pclose( $fh );

    function getthumbnail( $in, $out )
    # unlink( $out );
    $cmd = "ffmpeg -i $in -pix_fmt rgb24 -vframes 1 -s 150x100 $out 2>&1";
    $fh = popen( $cmd, "r" );
    while( fgets( $fh ) ) { }
    pclose( $fh );

    function flv_import( $upfile, $fname, $title )
    $fname = preg_replace( '/\..*$/', '', basename( $fname ) );
    $flvpath = "$fname.flv";
    $thumbpath = "$fname.gif";
    converttoflv( $upfile, "movies/$flvpath" );
    getthumbnail( $upfile, "movies/$thumbpath" );

    #$query = "INSERT INTO movies (title,source,thumb,width,height) VALUES('$title','$flvpath','$thumbpath','150','100 ')";
    #mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());

    echo $_FILES['movie']['tmp_name'];
    echo "<br />";
    echo $_FILES['movie']['name'];
    flv_import( $_FILES['movie']['tmp_name'], $_FILES['movie']['name'], $_POST['title'] );
    File sucessfully uploaded

    i commented mysql lines cuz they work and didnt wanted to fill my db with records while i was testing convertion.

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    do you have ffmpeg available on your server ?

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    sry for bothering u guys. i fix the problem. apache couldnt write output files to the directory coz of permission problems. . strange thing is that it didnt output error or something ..

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