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Thread: [external asset] can't get width/height

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    Afrostyle [external asset] can't get container's width/height


    I've got a class, FileLoader, that loads swf. It dispatch an Event.COMPLETE.
    There's a listener on Event.COMPLETE that add the swf to an empty movieclip called page.
    Immediately after adding the swf to page, page dimensions still are == 0. Why?
    If for ex. I then resize the window, I can retrieve them. Quite strange..

    Can you help me please?

    Here's the code:

    //the container
    var page = new MovieClip();
    function completeTest(e:Event){//Event.COMPLETE listener
    	//delete old movie
    	if(page.numChildren > 0){
    		loader.unLoad(); //loader here is an instance of a class of mine called FileLoader. unLoad() calls unload() to the internal Loader instance.
    	var swf =; //currentLoadedFile is a prop of FileLoader
            //Here i cannot immediately retrieve page.width and page.height (they're == 0)
            //if I then for example, resize the window, then I can retrieve them.
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