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Thread: Noob Question: How To Make Webclient Work Locally For Silverlight App.

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    Noob Question: How To Make Webclient Work Locally For Silverlight App.

    Hello. I have created a little Deep Zoom Silverlight application that I want to run on a local computer (will not have Internet service). This application uses hit testing to display data from the metadata.xml file in textboxes based on which image the mouse is hovering over.

    I have completed Kirupa's tutorial about using Deep Zoom tags to filter images and have used the Webclient class he uses in the tutorial. The only problem is that my application will not play locally since the Webclient class seems to require a server to function properly. Short of installing VS2008 on the computer this application will run on, I am not sure how to proceed. I am a relative noob when it comes to programming, so any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi psychman!
    In a nutshell, you can't because WebClient cannot access the file system. One thing you can do is install a web server on the machine - IIS, Apache, etc. Would that be something you would be interested in doing?


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    Hey Kirupa. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I will install a web server. If multiScaleImage could be part of WPF I think that would solve the problem and the possibilities could be amazing!

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    If you just want MultiScaleImage content to display without a web server, you can do that today itself! That is what Deep Zoom Composer does. The only challenge comes from loading external XML content such as the XML file used for filtering

    Great, now even Kirupa is { facebooking | twittering }

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