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Thread: Visual Basic 6

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    Visual Basic 6

    Hey im not sure if this is where i ask this but im learning visual basic in school right now and i just cant seem to find where i can download visual basic 6, is it something that you had to pay for and now is only available as VB 2008?

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    VB6 was discontinued years ago...

    Its from like the 90's man. The only way to get it now-a-days is probably torrent.

    //edit, VB6 != 2008 just so you don't download it and get confused.
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    This reminds me of when i was in a bookstore today and the only flash book they had was flash 5
    (Too many walls.)

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    Try on oldapps or oldversion or something related. You might find it there.
    Google search:

    Edit: Or ask the teacher at school to give a student license version or something. I doubt they would though. I don't know, because when I asked for a software at my school, they didn't give me. But since vb6 is old, they might give you...

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    why not download the express version from Microsoft directly? - My New Portfolio - The Blog Gallery

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    should i just screw programming in vb 2? i mean if im just learning a discontinued code then its pretty much worthless right? Is there a benifit to the older code that I could learn off of if im to learn the newer code in the future? Does the VB 6 code have basic commands that 2008 version has also?
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    If you are using this for school, then use the version your teacher told you to use. If you are learning VB voluntarily, then go with, for all of the VB syntax you are learning currently won't help in the future. VB6 is basically discontinued with the language taking a different approach starting with around 3 or 4 years ago.

    If you are learning a language just for the heck of learning a language, I would nudge you towards something like C# or Java.

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    Yeah im learning it in school, I just started it and theres a second trimester to it then after that theres a c++ course but the first 2 trimesters of vb are required.

    Edit - So would it be worth it to keep going with the class to probably master vb6 and to learn c++? or should i just trash the class and learn some c# and java by my self?
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    If you have the option to get rid of the class I say do it.

    If your just starting, which it sounds like you are learn C#. It will get you use to programming, and will allow you to expand in the future into many different ideas.

    I would really talk to the teacher and ask why the school is still using vb6. Really if your teacher wants it would be very beneficial for them to switch, because they are sort of hurting you guys more than helping.
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    Okay thanks man yeah I'll have to talk to the teacher tomorrow to see what's up. I have a feeling the reason we are only learning VB6 is because that's all the teacher knows.

    I really appreciate all the help because before this I had no idea that VB6 was even discontinued so that opened my eyes to that subject and now hopefully i can do something about it, maybe get our school into the new gen code, that's what I'm hoping. So yes, thank you very much.

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    VB 6 i have the cd. If u give me some way to send u i can

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    In my semi-professional opinion, vb6 is worthless. I ported my company's project to VB.NET (2.0). Many of the old commands, particularly dealing with strings, have changed and are easier to use and understand.

    More importantly, VB6 has almost non-existent support for class objects. Go .NET if you can get away with it -- everything is object oriented from the ground up.

    I've never tried the Express versions of Visual Studio, but they should be more than adequate for what you're doing. It will likely give you the option to make a legacy vb6 project.
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