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Thread: [Java] Using a subclass' function

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    [Java] Using a subclass' function

    I have a superclass Shape and many subclasses: Sphere, Cube, Cylinder, etc... Each of these subclasses extends Shape with a function called printData().

    PHP Code:
    Shape[] shapes = new Shape[3];
    shapes[0] = new Sphere();
    shapes[1] = new Cube();
    shapes[2] = new Cylinder();

    I cannot figure out how to call printData(). The compiler seems to be looking into for the printData() method, whearas it should have been looking in the subclass for it.

    Code: cannot find symbol
    symbol  : method printData()
    location: class Shape

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    You need to cast the reference first:
    ((Sphere) shapes[0]).printData();
    However, you're going to run into problems if you defined that method separately on each class without defining it on the parent class (because it would be difficult to cast to an unknown type in a loop). There are a bunch of ways to solve that problem, though. You could make an interface named something like IPrintable and add printData to that, you could make Shape an abstract class if you don't need to instantiate it ever, or you could make a less useful printData method on the Shape class (that approach is similar to the abstract class approach).

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    PHP Code:
    Shape[] shapes = new Shape[3];
    shapes[0] = new Sphere();
    shapes[1] = new Cube();
    shapes[2] = new Cylinder();

    shapes[0] instanceof Sphere
    shapes[0] = (Sphere)shapes[0];

    I added that before calling the subclass method, but I still get the same error.

    Edit: And then I tried your method, and it worked...... hmmmmmm???
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    When you cast using non-primitive datatypes, you are basically just shutting the compiler up while it validates the expression in which you used the cast. The shapes array elements are still known to the compiler to be regular Shapes, and you can't change that permanently unless you choose a different type when declaring your array.

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