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Thread: Data type conversion

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    Barcode Data type conversion


    I am trying to split a string depending on the delimiter .

    The function tat splits require a string input so iwas splitting a sample string ,but now i need to split the TCHAR[] , so i thought the better way is to convert TCHAR into string and give it as a input for the function tat splits the string.

    So is there anybody really help me to solve this issue .


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    not sure i totally understand your question. I think your trying to convert a char array to a string
    but you could do something like

    char myCharArray[] = "bobs , world, susanna";
    string myString = new string(myCharArray); // I think should work if not try looping through the char[]

    for(int i = 0 ; i < strlen(myCharArray);i++){
    myString += myCharArray[i];

    to convert from string to char*[]
    you can do


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    Thanks for the reply .

    but i think it will not serve my purpose

    i will paste the piece of code wat i was trying with
    static TCHAR tcStr[ 1024 ]
    int num = StringUtils::SplitString("hello&hai&how&r&u&","&", results, true);
    the above line splits the String depending on the delimiter '&' .
    but instead of that sample string i need to split tchar----tcstr .
    when iuse tat directly to split it is showing the error,..

    error C2664: 'StringUtils::SplitString' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'TCHAR [1024]' to 'const std::string &'
    1> Reason: cannot convert from 'TCHAR [1024]' to 'const std::string'

    can u please give me a solution for this.

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    hey ..

    anyone there to help me as i want this to be implemented in my project.

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    you need to use std::basic_string<TCHAR> instead of std::string.

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