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Thread: noob programmer with a dumb question

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    noob programmer with a dumb question

    Ok so i just wrote my first program in C++ and I have a very simple question to ask. I compiled my code into an exe file and it works. It's a simple program that appears inside of a dos prompt looking window. I want to customize the icon for the .exe but I dont know how to change the icon from the basic icon that the compiler gave it.

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    It's as simple as adding the icon as a resource to your console application and recompiling with those resources included.

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    Please don't feel bad about anything I'm going to say. And sorry if I hurt your feelings or anything...

    I don't think, at this point, you should worry about changing the icon of the .exe file. If you are a newbie, then, I think, you should first become familiar with the language, C++. You should get comfortable with data structures, points, etc. Once you're comfortable with the basic stuff, then I'd say move on to the complicated stuff. If your roots are strong, then you'll be fine.

    Hope this helps.

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    ^Setting the icon for the .exe is far from complicated lol it takes like 2 minutes, and if hes using the visual studio IDE it's all built in (with a nice icon editor).

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    Dang, I still keep thinking about the old visual studio I used... Whether it is trivial or not, I don't think changing the icon is of much importance. What I'm trying to say is, he should focus more on "other important" things.

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