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Thread: Non-Geek Hobbies

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    Puttin' the 'utility' back into 'futility'
    *heehee, plays with footer pic*
    ...teeming with souls shall it ever be...

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    ok freddy reminded me of a few.

    Writing: I write screenplays (4 in progress, 0 complete) Short Stories, Poetry.

    Karaoke: Yeah that's right. I'm not afraid to say it.

    COLOURlover |
    tw: @bubs

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    Street Biking is fun. I play badminton a lot. Just got off the varsity team because I graduated. Soccer, especially at midnight in the local park. Beach a lot. San Diego is good for that. Hang out with friends, see movies (all of my friends work at AMC so I get in free ) play lots of N64, sleep and eat. The last 2 are my favorite.

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    My Pimp Hand is Strong
    i like to ride my bike, and go to the gym (when im ont being lazy). Most of the time im busy getting into some drama with girls
    You're like a program written entirely in c. No Class

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    In my non-geek time which is pretty much when I'm not at work I like to:

    Party, ride my bike, hit the gym, paintball, drive around in da Pimp mobile (sorta like the batmobile but bettah) (waits for soul to draw a picture), and ride dirt bikes.

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    Okay, I'm not a stranger to Karaoke, I'm usually really drunk though and I only do a couple songs that are funny like Ode to my car - Adam Sandler and Just a Gigalo - David Lee Roth

    This is one of the worst pics of myself, but it's great for a laugh. I used to be a band in 96 so, when I'm drunk, I can really get into it...why am I putting this here!!

    Oh, brother...
    This is my signature.

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    MOuntain bike, ultimate frisbee, tennis

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    Я самый лучший
    HHahahaha, no matter how many non-geek things we do.. we're all geeks!

    Okay: Me:

    surf whenever I can get a board thats good for me
    freedive or nightdive and spear fo' fish
    try to get in to bars Yeah, this one is great fun because I am under 21, but just about anywhere in the world I can drink except the USA!
    Weightlift As i can only go everyother day its not that effective
    Check out chicks at starbucks favorite pass time..

    And of corse:
    Drink vodka
    Sing Communist Party Songs
    Drink more vodka
    Plot the distruction of you Capitalist pigs!
    Steady Resolve...sort of like going down with the sinking ship?
    Accessibility questions, ask here

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    i go shooting, skateboard, camp, go camping, travel, play bball, ride my go-ped, and a whole bunch of other stuff i cant remember right now

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    I Survived Abortion
    Originally posted by ahmed
    deal pot (very true!)

    smokes up at least twice a day, pimps at night, goes back and smokes some more, deals on free time...
    Hmmmmmmm, so thats your secret.

    *Calls in for delivery*

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    I like to go through my collection of Victorian soaps.. every night

    - Soul

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    I've realised that I spend a scary amount of time decorating and sorting out my house. Does that count as a hobby?
    - Kit

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    Don't you like my soaps?

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    thoriphes's Avatar
    Puttin' the 'utility' back into 'futility'
    no. that counts as weird.
    ...teeming with souls shall it ever be...

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    I'm allowed to have a collection! It's just like collecting stamps or pens!

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