Hey guys,

Sorry if this isn't the right thread. It seemed the best place to post a completely game related opportunity. Please feel free to move/remove the thread if I was mistaken.

FlashGameLicense and Meez are teaming up to offer Flash developers worldwide over $20,000 in prizes for the best games using the MeezInside Avatar API. The MeezInside Platform offers developers a turn-key solution for bringing custom avatars into games, with a library of over 5,000 unique assets and animations.

FGL worked closely with Meez to ensure the contest terms were flexible and allowed developers many other opportunities to monetize their games. Your entry is also eligible for primary licenses, ad revenue and the other licensing options you expect from FGL!

There is a special forum dedicated to the contest where you can see some of the existing entries and discuss ideas.

Also, Emanuele Feronato wrote a brief overview of the contest.

Let us know if you have any questions.