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Thread: JAVA or .NET | What's your truth ?

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    JAVA or .NET | What's your truth ?

    I have heard a little bit about comprehensive back-end solutions, and I've found many developers discussing these two languages as the were capable of something beyond PHP and ASP alone.

    In one hand, we have Javers talking about 'tranquility', wider range of related Open Source projects and license-free solutions.

    In other hand .Netters are yelding easyness of the learning curves, projects build at the speed of sound, the 8th wonder of development by using Visual Studio, and very decent Documentations.

    I would like to know the truth inside everyone here about this theme. So I'll let below some of the questions that are buggin my times. Any contribbution will be appreciated.

    1. Why are JAVA and .NET beyond the capabilities of PHP and our old ASP, in terms of web-development?

    2. JAVA has more avaliable resources than .NET? What or what kind of resources are these?

    3. Is JAVA complex to code? Is it easier to learn .NET? Why?

    4. License-free applications are really making the difference for client-budgets? What's your experience?

    5. JAVA is really lazy in compairson with .NET developments? Why?

    6. Is Visual Studio really supperior than, for example, Eclipse? What is your experience on that?

    7. JAVA documentation is really that sh* everyone is talking about, when .NET documentation comes into battleground?

    8. What tool should suit the best, if we consider 'exclusively' the integration with RIA (Flash/Flex/AIR) front-end applications?

    9. What do you really thing about this match? Why and what would be your final choice?

    Tanks very for each of your oppinions!

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    hugeExplosions = true;
    Hmm well I've not really done any web back end in java but I'd say the reason why most people can pick up .NET easily is that you can either code in c# or vb, and vb is quite easy to get into as most conditional structures and keywords are in plain English, which helps people remember them and their function.

    I've done plenty of dev with .NET and I can tell you, compared to ASP, .NET is amazing. There is so much in-built functionality that you can pretty much build an awesome site in minutes without having to buy 3rd party controls - but just in case you do want to buy 3rd party controls the ones on offer are truly next gen compared to their old ASP counterparts in terms of functionality and ease of use.

    Also with ASP.NET being primarily crafted Visual Studio the code completion/hinting (intellisense) and visual design element is top rate, giving you a better idea of what your site will look like at run time and layout control.

    The documentation is great with Books Online and the MSDN help etc - it's all very detailed with examples, and you can always guarantee that someone online will have the answer if you get stuck.

    In my experience, clients almost always have the money to spend - whether they part with it is up to the salesperson and your company/individual reputation.

    I can't say much about java though for web dev - but I'm sure someone can answer those questions!
    MS Paint FTW!

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    Tanks very much Charleh,

    I was wandering about that kind of built-in features of Visual Studio. I suppose that is essentially front-end stuff, am I right?

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    hugeExplosions = true;
    Nope it's everywhere - there's design tools and all sorts to help you lay your pages/forms out but the .NET framework itself has so much in built stuff

    File handling, computer connectivity, security, drawing (image manipulation etc), database connectivity, data binding, validation, regex, etc etc

    It's all organised into namespaces which are easily navigated through - and the IDE does a good job of guessing which one you want most of the time based on context and what you've previously used
    MS Paint FTW!

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