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Thread: Noob territory.

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    Noob territory.

    Alright. My Actionscript experience in the past is almost non-existent but I do know a lot about flash and a bit about platform gaming in flash. Due to an intense need for money I've decided to take up actionscript gaming. I've decided not to start small either.

    So what my plans are is a simple 2d sidescrolling platformer with levels, moving camera, etc.

    Gameplay basically consists of a Ninja who fights with a sword. I'm planning on bosses and a variety of simple enemies. There are pickups of shuriken which can be aimed 360 degrees, and a grappling hook which should also be aimed 360 degrees and can hook onto objects and pull you up to them. Also, wall jumping. I know the whole idea sounds corny but I hope that it can still be as fun as I imagine it to be.

    Now.. I'm basically abandoning everything I know about AS and starting from scratch with everything. I'm going to be using AS3 and I'm working with flash CS3.

    Since I'm starting from scratch, my first question would be just to ask whats the best way of learning Actionscript and if anyone can post some of the many tutorials that you think would be most useful to me.

    As I progress with the game I'll eventually have more specific questions but for now this is what I need from anyone willing to help a noob out
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    Quickly animated sprites just to kind of test the platform engine. A lot of the script was directly taken from the kirupa platformer demo/tutorial. I'm trying to learn from the flash manual

    basically arrow keys to move and up to jump.

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    The tutorials written by Tonypa are always a good place to start
    Here are the as3 tutorials.
    I don't believe he's gotten around to completing every single tutorial for as3, so you can look at the as2 tutorials that cover just about every concept you'd need.
    The as2 tutorials.

    If you're still learning ActionScript, going through the flash help files is a great resource. I bought the AS3.0 Cookbook by O'Reilly which I put to good use when I was making the transition from 2 to 3 - I recommend it.

    Lastly, google and forums can be lifesaver, just don't expect people to write all yr code for you

    edit: if you want to make serious progress, you'll do better for yourself to go through and actually learn what is being taught in the tutorials instead of the old copy/paste/tweak. just a thought. good luck!
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    My adivice would be start off with an oop attitude, you will get much further.

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    not sure what oop attitude is but thanks for the help therobot. I only copied the script from the tutorial so I could test how fluid my sprites were in animation. I'm definitely looking to fully understand as3 i'm just looking for the best direction and where to start since everyone here is so knowledgeable on the subject. I'm planning on using this thread for more specific questions once I get a rough understanding of the basics

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    "Walk Before You Leap"

    What i mean is you shouldn't plan the entire game at once, because you will only make things more complicated for yourself! Take one step at a time....I am not asking you to start from the very basic tutorials but i am saying, break your task in small steps and proceed with doing one at a time, you will do much faster...oh and this is the starting point of OOP!

    OOP means Object Oriented Programming, but infact it simply means program using real-life concepts! Its not much different or complex actually, and i think you should visit, if you have patience you will learn a lot of things. But you said you have started actionscript because you need money, well certainly if you think of money you wont learn anything, but i understand your situation, so i will ask you to join hands with a programmer, that way your work will proceed faster and also you will learn a lot in the process! Afterall a word of mouth is better than hundred pages of a book!

    I need a SPRITER who can do pixel arts for an arcade fighter project. If you can help out, please pm me.
    I also need someone who can write simple xml files.

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