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Thread: Item Loading

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    Item Loading

    Im just looking or some advice here. i was thinking about making a system where it loads the item stats from an external file. I was wondering of anyone had some ideas. I was thinking about using xml or a text fie, but if someone has a better way to do it then please. Im all ears.
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    The information you gave is very vague, but depending upon some common situations, i will say using a database is better than a xml or text file!

    I need a SPRITER who can do pixel arts for an arcade fighter project. If you can help out, please pm me.
    I also need someone who can write simple xml files.

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    For easy updating a CMS linked with a database is the best way to go.
    In your Flash frontend you should then use a form of AMF to get the results from the database.

    It depends on your budget and time whether you want to set this up for a project.
    Also depends on the frequency of how often you should update the stats. If you plan to do so once every week for say like a month. It's way quicker to update an xml then you've set up AMF.

    Extra note: depends if you care, but AMF is safer then xml.

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    AMF...never heard of it. But i am just an artist learning to script and all this is still pretty fresh to me. Any links you guys could give me to help me on my quest? errr...... i help me figure out this problem.
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    you want to read vars form an external file?
    use loadVars();

    search google for "loadVars()", there is a tut in the 3rd or 4th link

    for using DBs then you will need configs, hosts, includes and etc...
    too much difficult for a starter, you won't learn a thing trying to do so...

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    I agree that loadVars is a smarter thing to learn before moving on to AMF. I disagree that you won't learn from overwhelming techniques. Just depends on the way you walk through the process of setting things up.

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