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Thread: i want to buy flash games - non-exclusive included

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    i want to buy flash games - non-exclusive included

    I知 buying Flash games to feature on my website, Depending on the quality of the games, I can offer between $20 - $500 per game. This is a great opportunity for Flash developers to make some money and also get their games distributed to a wide audience. If we buy your game, we値l ask you to insert our site痴 logo as an intro screen and add a link to our site within the game. We値l then feature the game on and allow the whole world to download it, distribute it, and use it on their own websites. We WILL allow you to leave your name in the game as the author, so this is a great way for you to get some widespread recognition as a game developer.

    I accept also non-exclusive games(previously distributed on the Internet) as long as you own full rights to the game and all graphics, sounds, etc. We値l require that you give us full exclusive rights to the game, along with all source code.

    We will not buy any games without seeing the fully functional and complete game first. If you池e interested, please email a link to view the game you want to sell to kaydotsuperstar AT gmail DOT com. Do not PM or reply here, as I don't check this forum very often. I値l evaluate each game that is emailed to me and decide if I知 interested and how much I can offer you for the game.


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    you don't read this forum???
    then you won't read my message?

    man this is the best forum on the net

    sorry, my games become open source after alpha stage!


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