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Thread: Looking for feedback on new game: "Incoming"

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    Looking for feedback on new game: "Incoming"

    Hi, I'm working on my second Flash game and it's now in a mature playable alpha state. The objective is to shoot down incoming enemy threats, similar to the 80's arcade classic "Missile Command":

    I'd greatly appreciate hearing some feedback, specifically:

    • What are your general first impressions?
    • Is the interface clear? Are all the elements of game play obvious or self-explanatory?
    • How is the difficulty setting?
    • Is the game fun? Is this genre of game (arcade shooter) one that you normally play?
    • What features does the game need to be released? What features would be nice?

    Thanks in advance for any comments!

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    The game is ok, but the only thing is that after a while, it's a bit boring, because the only thing you do is firing missiles (ok, you also have upgrades, that's good). To make it more fun, you should add more features, I don't know, like bonuses or something.

    Also I'll give you some ideas:
    -In each levels, missiles should come faster and faster, so the action is more fun and you have to react faster and not just sit there and watch the missiles come.
    -Maybe more upgrades. According to what I've just told you, a speed upgrade, because if you enemy's missiles come faster, your own missiles have to be faster too. Remember that if you add more upgrades, the player should have more money to afford them or the game will be impossible.

    That's all for now.

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    game işs success
    maybe you develop new bullet and enemy

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    It seems that the explosion doesn't have a large enough blast radius, even if I get really close to the incoming missiles I don't get a hit.
    Or maybe I'm just too used to the classic missile command.

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    * What are your general first impressions?
    It has been done before, plenty of times, there are only 1 kind of enemy (I have now noticed that there are several enemy types, neat, but during the first level and half of the second its just all the same.), it gets mundane and dull. When in late level 2 when the new enemies come the difficulty just jumps like hell. The difficulty is really steep, first there's 1 enemy on the screen at the same time and 2 minutes later there's 20 of them, with some rushing in super fast at you, planes that are impossible to hit and splitting missiles and whatnot. The upgrade system is really nice, but unrefined. It has definitely been done before, almost every one of these kind of games has it. Graphics are amazing but a bit confusing, the gun is called Ion cannon right? But it looks like a flak cannon, when I hear "Ion" I'm thinking of some futuristic lazer-beam-shooting-halo kinda gun. On level 2 the gun really blends into the background. The enemies, which I guessed were meteors (later revised) are very tiny and detail-less. When suddenly the meteors start splitting and homing in on you that just confuses me and makes be guess they are some sort of missiles?
    Ammo management is a huge part of the game, the game loses any arcade:ish feeling it has because of this, the game is more about strategy than arcade styled shooting.

    * Is the interface clear? Are all the elements of game play obvious or self-explanatory?
    First time I tried it, I died fairly fast because I messed around just shooting randomly then I noticed I had ammo. Everything else is displayed nice, except the upgrade screen which should be changed and remade.

    * How is the difficulty setting?
    As I said, very steep curve, too easy in the beginning (boring easy), too hard in the end.

    * Is the game fun? Is this genre of game (arcade shooter) one that you normally play?
    It is fairly fun, although much could be improved greatly. I wouldn't spend my usual 2+ hours on it like I do with "good" flash games. And yeah, I play this genre a lot.
    * What features does the game need to be released? What features would be nice?

    Better upgrade menu, more upgrades, more distinct enemies, refined difficulty curve. Combos! When I shoot 2 enemies at once I want them to give me something special, that tiny tiny text that says "35" or something isn't enough. I want the screen to flash with "Double Kill!", well not really but you get my point. Enemies could also be bigger or shots faster, and ammo could be removed/changed to make it a lot more arcade:ish.

    [/wall of text]

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    This is pretty good so far. I got to level 4 my first time, but I still felt it was a bit too hard

    1. The blast radius of the missiles you shoot is very, very small/unforgiving. Frustratingly so.

    2. The meteors that split are way too hard to spot compared to the ordinary meteors. Maybe make them flash red or something, or make them a little bigger.

    3. What was with those bombing airplanes? It seemed impossible to avoid. I guess that EMP weapon could take it out, but there's no way a new player would know when they're coming. there's not nearly enough time to avoid the thing, so it just seems completely unfair to me. give me a handicap on health instead of a series of cheap shots like that

    4. After the second level or so, i just completely disregarded the ammo & weapon upgrades. It seemed like my gun was always firing when i needed it to, so it seemed kind of lame to spend money on those upgrades. If you want to make the ammo & reloading a more prominent feature/limitation, make the ammo stat more clearly visible, perhaps not in that box on top with the other info.

    5. Speaking of the UI, I never looked at it once, except between levels, when I had a second to.

    6. Oh, I think on the third or fourth level, it was kind of hard to see my green mouse cursor, I think cos of the background

    Anyhow, cheers. It's coming along nicely, and looks great.
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    The thing i really dont like about these kind of games is simple that they are done way to much.
    Instead try create something new allong these lines
    (as in this kind of gameplay but with a totall new twist, When people play it they cant really see that you used this as your basic)
    I know its easier to make something thats already out there but you know, try something crazy with it. This game in its current form is just way too simple( on the creative side).

    I'm not saying this to bash you for i see that you did a nice job on the "programming/scripting" part.
    I'm just simply saying this because its a waste not to make this game with a twist of your own, that people will know you for making such a kickass game.

    I see its V0.9
    Get V1.0 done and make an awesome 2.0 afterwards =P

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    perfect, maybe make bullets cheaper, and the buy menu available anytime... B key?

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