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Thread: duplicating and removing enemies

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    duplicating and removing enemies

    Ive started this game and got to the point where i need to add the enemies. I got a single enemy that comes on the screen at a random speed and when you click him he dies but i want more than one enemy to come. I also want it so that the enemy gets removed when it is dead. I know I have to use a removemovieclip thing but i just cant do it. Ive attached the file so you can have a look and maybe add some more code. Any help would be gr8
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    (I didn't look at the files)

    delete your enemy from screen
    go to the library and export it with the name you want (eg:"enemy")
    then use the following command to put the enemy on stage
    attachMovie("enemy", "enemy"+i++, 1000+i);
    when the enemy die you write
    in the enemy's code
    (I = number)

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    before I say anything else yes I am a noob I just cant seem to add the code to anywhere to get it to work. Could someone just add the code for me so I could see where to put it. It would be much easier. Thanks for the help any way and I sort of understand the code it is just where to put it i dont get.

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    Please help I am completely stuck.

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    Fla Script

    if you don't like the changes i made, go ahead and throw a ton of those red killer balls on me
    and a gun too...

    ps: nice game

    ps2: new smilies!
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    thank you very much. I have made a new enemy and would like it so that less of these enemies come in as the other ones. And Also that when a certain ammount of enemies have come for example 10 swordsmen and 5 archers. to go and play the next frame. Also I would like it so that the enemies have health instead of one hit dead. If you could do this for me it would be a great help. I have attached the new file with the archer on. Thanks again
    Also I would like it so that you cannot kill more than 1 enemy at a time.
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